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Thursday, August 07, 2003

"The hammer shatters glass but forges steel."
- Russian Proverb

*Looks like Chelsea has been forging steel lately, signing the likes of Joe Cole, Juan Sebastian Veron, Glen Johnson, Damien Duff, Geremi, and Wayne Bridge. Do they all translate to instant success? Only time will tell. Unleash the critics next week, as the new EPL season begins!

There is this new Singapore gal in my class. She's in my course for one semester, apparently on an exchange program. Just into the second week of lessons, and she is complaining about the huge gulf in standard between NUS and UQ. That's right. According to her, the standard in UQ is much, much higher. Surprise, surprise! Haha. Apparently, most of the material in NUS are spoon-fed to the students. No offence, mates. It wasn't me who said it. Whistle....

The weather looks kinda gloomy today. Can't wait for spring. Gonna tan and enjoy myself in this final semester at Brissie. I miss my kuay chup...


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