.:Strangers at First Sight; in Love Forever:.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Three years has passed since my last blog. Over the past three years, things have changed so much. It seems that things might change again. For the better, I hope.

I am now working in Seoul, Korea. The only reason why I am here is cos my fiancee is Korean. She is a fine, loving and caring lady. Truly blessed to have met her. She is everything that I have ever hoped for, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

These days, it seems that I may not be the one she wishes to be with. Painful as it seems, I have to just work hard and be there for her. That's the least I can do right now. I have so much to tell her, so much to do for and with her, but I know now, it is better not to rush. I am learning the hard and painful way. Glad to have my parents and dear friends during this terribly lonely period. Thank goodness for technology (MSN, Skype). Haha.

Recently, I met an old, dear friend online - Margaret. All the while, we have been able to confide in each other. This time round, it is even more meaningful, since she is also in a long-distance relationship. What I learnt from her was refreshing. It gave me new insight about myself. Having said that, I wish I was like her bf, from whom I shamelessly quote:

As long as I have the life to do so, I will try to give you a happy and comfortable. I believe that we will overcome this and create something wonderful in this life. Let's take things one step at a time.

영, I miss you.